Current Group

Phil Reinhardt

Research Interests: plasmonic heating, nanothermometry

Other interests: philosophy, history, sci-fi, video games, and dogs 

email: preinhardt[at]

Abby Crawford

Research Interests: Nanothermometry, super-resolution imaging

Other interests: baking, gardening, and playing with her dog, River 

email: abigail.crawford[at]

Bianca Paranzino

Graduate Student

Research Interests: Super-resolution imaging, fluorescent microscopy, polarization analysis of plasmonic nanoparticles

Other interests: running, singing, and cats 

email: bianca.paranzino[at]

Mint Pungsrisai

Graduate Student

Research Interests: Nanoelectrochemistry

Other interests: Japanese animation/music 

email: tipsiri.pungsrisai[at]

Zac O'Dell

Graduate Student

Research Interests: Polarization analysis of plasmonic nanoparticles, CLocK microscopy

Other interests: playing & watching sports, card games, and board games 

email: zodell[at]

Sanjay Sridhar

Graduate Student

Research Interests: Nanoelectrochemistry, polarization-resolved optical microscopy, imaging non-plasmonic nanoparticles

Other interests: Writing and watching sports 

email: sanjay.sridhar[at]

Hind Hamoud Alrushud

Graduate Student

Research Interests: Super-resolution imaging, fluorescent microscopy

Other interests: reading and watching movies 

email: hind.alrushud[at]


Graduate Student

Research Interests: Nanothermometry

Other interests: cooking, painting, noetic science, and spending time with family  

email: deepika.nln[at]

Honorary Members



Research interests: sniffing new places, tasting shoes, eating liver-based treats and hiking

Research disinterests: hearing loud noises, trains and garbage trucks; riding in cars

Paul Holt

11th grade chemistry teacher at Freire Charter School

Lab Outreach facilitator