Welcome to the Willets Lab 

We are a research lab in the Department of Chemistry at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA.

We are interested in how heterogeneity at the nanoscale impacts the properties and functions of nanomaterials.  Much of our work is focused on plasmonic nanoparticles and how they interact with light.

This website is currently under construction so check back for updates!

Lab News

August 25, 2023. Zac wins best talk and Mint wins best poster at the Temple Postdoc Symposium.  Well done!

August 23, 2023.  Bianca ties for first and Mint and Sanjay tie for third at the Philadelphia ACS Younger Chemists Committee Poster Session.  Congrats!

July 10, 2023. Ekta Verma and Megan Knobloch from the Skrabalak group visit the lab for a week as part of our CSENND Center for Chemical Innovation.  

March 20, 2023.  The Willets lab welcomes Dr. Vignesh Sundaresan (Ph.D. 2018) and Dr. Yun Yu (postdoc 2016-2019) back for a visit.

March 9, 2023.  Abby and Sanjay successfully mentor two science fair teams to 2nd and 3rd place finishes at the George Washington Carver Science Fair.  Visit our outreach page to learn more!  

December 13, 2022. Nat successfully defends her Ph.D. Congratulations Dr. Molina!

December 9, 2022. Joe successfully defends his Ph.D.  Congratulations Dr. Monaghan!

December 7, 2022.  The Willets lab welcomes our two newest first year graduate students, Hind and Deepika!

November 7, 2022.  Our paper on calcite-assisted localization and kinetics (CLocK) microscopy is published in J. Phys. Chem. Lett.