Super-resolution imaging

Multi-parameter super-resolution imaging with calcite-assisted localization and kinetics (CLocK) microscopy

We have developed a new strategy for super-resolution imaging that provides additional information on emitter/scatterer anisotropy and orientation.  Termed Calcite-assisted Localization and Kinetics (CLocK) microscopy, we are using this technique to classify nanostructures, understand molecule-plasmon coupling in polarization-resolved single molecule SERS, and monitor reactions in situ and in real time.

Related publications

High-throughput all-optical determination of nanorod size and orientation

Z.J. O’Dell, M. Knobeloch, S.E. Skrabalak, K.A. Willets

submitted 2024

J.W. Monaghan, Z.J. O’Dell, S. Sridhar, B. Paranzino, V. Sundaresan, K.A. Willets

J. Phys. Chem. Lett.  13, 10527 (2022)

Monitoring ligand binding

Ligands are often added to the surface of plasmonic nanoparticles to impart function.  We study the uniformity and dynamics of ligand binding on the surface of plasmonic nanoparticles by using fluorescently-tagged ligands and tracking them with super-resolution imaging.

X. Cheng, T.P. Anthony, C.A. West, Z. Hu, V. Sundaresan, A.J. McLeod, D.J. Masiello, K.A. Willets

J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 10, 1394 (2019)